Robert Tamayo


Looking Forward to Hogwarts Legacy

Even back in 1997, there were video games with huge, sprawling worlds. And by 2001, there were games with absolutely massive worlds. So, naturally, as someone who enjoyed both Harry Potter and video games, I wanted nothing less than a game where you could explore the entire Hogwarts castle.

Sadly, while there have been many Harry Potter games since then, none of them ever did the one thing that fans really wanted: to simply walk around the actual Hogwarts castle in a video game.

But in just a few weeks, that changes.

Hogwarts Legacy is looking like the game I always wanted to play. It seems like there is finally going to be a game where I can walk around Hogwarts and explore the entire castle. I really know nothing else about the game, to be honest. My favorite part of the books was the castle exploration, and I always loved how there were tons of secret passageways and hidden rooms. All I want is to go wandering the halls in a video game. It took a long time to get here, but it's here at last.
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