Robert Tamayo



I don't follow crypto too closely. I hardly know anything about it, except that it's digital and there are wallets involved. However, it was wild watching what happened to Luna today. The Luna printer was going berserk, and printed over 5 trillion Luna between 6pm and 7pm. It was utterly insane to watch.

People have different theories on what happened. I understand only the very basics of Terra and Luna, and how they work together to keep Terra pegged to the dollar. I think something nefarious might have happened with the Luna death spiral, and I don't think it was the creator's fault. However, I can't know for sure. To me, it also kind of felt like a programming error or an undiscovered edge case.

When it's all over, we might know for sure. But for now, I'm willing to give the creator the benefit of the doubt. I only suspect third party foul play because if the inventor is who he claims to be, then it would make sense for bad actors to want to control him or tear down his work in some way.

As I said earlier, I'm not too into crypto and I had never even heard of Luna or Terra until today. I'm on the side of innovation and creativity, and I think something like this was a great idea. However, as always, caveat emptor, and that applies even more strongly to crypto. Personally, I never put any money anywhere if it would hurt to lose it all.
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