Robert Tamayo


Mixed Signals from California

California will be banning the sale of new cars that aren't electric vehicles by 2035. That's far enough in the future that most people will believe it's possible.

However, today I got a warning on my phone that told me to please turn off my electricity because there wasn't enough for everyone.

Rolling blackouts are happening throughout the state. People are even being asked to not charge their electric vehicles!

That's a huge problem for California. How in the world can the state known for LA traffic being asking its residents to not use electricity while at the same time demanding that all new cars sold be electric by 2035?

I wouldn't be surprised if by the time 2035 rolls around, it's pushed out by 5 years. And when those 5 years are up, another 3 will be added. And so on, just like how we are always "going back to the moon...soon, I promise!"

If the law comes into effect when advertised, there will be interesting workarounds. Since used gas-powered cars will be allowed to be sold, I imagine many car lots will begin selling exclusively "used" cars that were bought out of state for the sole purpose of being sold in California. Expect to buy a used 2036 Jeep Wrangler in mid 2035.

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