Robert Tamayo


Modern Technology Made from Old Technology

Unreal Engine 5 is the newest game engine from Epic. It is the most "modern" game engine around, or at least one of them. For all the talk people make about "keeping up to date with current trends and programming languages", Unreal Engine 5 uses C++, a language originally released in 1985. Sure, it has had some updates, and I wouldn't be surprised if the new engine used some of the most recent updates in its source code. But, the main point stands: the most modern things aren't always made with the most modern programming languages.

This is the distinction I want to point out: something isn't modern because of what it's made from, it's modern because of what it actually is. If you use node js, ES6 javascript, React hooks, a NoSQL database, and AWS for a blog, then it's not a modern blog. It's a blog. We have those already. In fact, if it's a website, it's probably not modern, unless something is truly unique about it. It's just the status quo.

Unreal Engine 5's modern programming techniques are advancements in the underlying algorithms and the updated hardware that makes it all possible.

Full disclosure: I have not looked at the source code at all. Perhaps I'm way off base here and there are huge chunks of Unreal Engine 5's codebase that use all kinds of modern programming languages. But from everything source I see, it's written in C++.
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