Robert Tamayo


More than Just Coding

I really enjoy coding. What's even better is when I really enjoy the thing that the code builds. In fact, while the details of the code are interesting, the really fun part is figuring out how to build something. Oftentimes, I end up bored when I know "how" to build something; the excitement comes from not knowing exactly how to solve a particular problem and needing to put my head down and work.

I'm used to putting my head down and writing code. However, my goal in writing code is never to show the code to anyone. I care about fast web sites, fun games, and usability. In fact, I don't think I've ever shown code to someone as a demonstration of what I do. Instead, I point them to my games, sites, or other projects. In the end, I want to show people what I've done, not how I did it.

Similarly, a magician wants to show people the trick, not how he did it; this is how a programmer should think when writing code. The programmer should want to show what was made, not the lines that made it. While I appreciate good code and I enjoy writing code, the real enjoyment always comes from the end result.

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