Robert Tamayo


Moving Forward, But Never Forgetting

Almost everything that looks like an inconvenience in one's career can be turned into an advantage. Recently, the Vax Mandates have seemed like pure inconveniences without any opportunity for advantage. But even something as utterly uncalled for and violating as vax mandates can be turned into an advantage. 

Indeed, many people gave in and never tried getting exemptions. Those who did get exemptions were often treated differently and would have to wear masks all day while the vaxxed kept their mouths uncovered. For most people, including me, it seemed to just add noise and stress to the daily workload.

So how can it become an advantage?

The advantage comes from the anger that drives one to obsessively pursue becoming the best they possibly can. It's sort of like how divorced people start to dress better and lose weight - they have to show off to others and make the ex know that they are missing out. Learn some self respect and scorn those who sought to rule over you, and let that anger drive you to succeed in ways you never considered yourself to capable of. It's a source of ambition.

Again, I haven't completely executed this advantage. But I will say that I'm learning the value of being just too good to lose. And also, I'm learning that I must start to take action that will put control of my career in my own hands as much as possible.
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