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Next After Robot Ops

I'm finished with Robot Ops. So now, I have a ton of free time. Here's my to-do list.

1. Learn Latin

For Christmas, I received the Latin Vulgate Bible. That concludes all of the "starter" resources I have for learning Latin: Wheelock's Latin, a Latin dictionary, Latin Grammar for the Reading of the Missal, and a Latin Bible. I understand that vulgar Latin is separate from classical Latin, but I'm mixing them on purpose; it would be like learning English and reading both Shakespeare and Lord of the Rings.

2. Speak Spanish

I've fallen behind on speaking Spanish with my wife daily. The slacking will stop, and I will be disciplined and resume my practice.

3. Read

I have a ton of books on my reading list. The programming books are about a third of my reading list, so I will cover those here. But the other two thirds fall under the category of my second blog, which is still not ready yet.

4. Learn 3D Modeling and Animation

I've already done some of this in the past, but as I'm going to be moving on from 2D games, I will need to learn the basics of 3D modeling and animation for my next project.

5. Learn Unreal Engine

I have only ever opened up the 3rd person start screen in Unreal Engine, so I have a lot to learn in this regard.

6. Catch up on side projects

The minor side projects I have that are not games have been neglected all year. I have some work to do for my website and blog, and I have some work to do for another app that my wife and I use frequently.

7. Write a comic book or story

This year was all about making "the game". Next year's big projects will include my first venture into something in print. I have not yet decided what form it will take, but I have several options. Either way, I'm making sure that next year expands my range of products outward from the digital and into the physical.

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