Robert Tamayo


No Regerts: Why I Will Not Get a Tattoo

I have nothing against people with tattoos. They work for some people. I just won't get one.

I see getting tattoos as letting someone put permanent graffiti on your body. A tattoo is not your art. It's someone else's. It's their drawing, their butterfly, their calligraphy. You are merely the canvas. I don't like that, and that's why I won't get tattoos.

I don't think tattoos necessarily take away from your beauty, but if you are beautiful, a tattoo can work against you. Consider Michelangelo's David with a full sleeve; the patterns distract from the physique. That's why they work well for people who aren't concerned about appearances, and they work even better for non-civilians like military, prisoners, gangs, and rock stars. People think that small tattoos can be cute, but even the smallest tattoo adds nothing to the beauty of a person's body.

I don't care if anyone has a tattoo or not. I found the concept interesting when I was much younger. But I won't get one.

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