Robert Tamayo


Now They Have Griffins

Imagine a village under attack from lions. The villagers can hardly do anything in their daily lives without risking an attack from the lions. There aren't many lions, but there are enough that it's a problem.

Then, one day the lions leave.

The villagers all go outside to enjoy the daylight once again. Some of them haven't left their homes for years because of the lions. But now it's safe again.

Or so they thought.

The lions may be gone, but now there are eagles! These eagles swoop down and attack the villagers constantly. Though the eagle attacks are far more frequent than the lion attacks, they are considerably less deadly. Most attacks only end with a couple of scratches, and the eagles can be swatted away fairly easily.

Then, one day the eagles also leave, just as the lions did before.

The villagers once again go outside to enjoy the sunlight. Because now it's safe again.

Or so they thought.

You see, somebody noticed how dangerous the lions were to the people, and they also noticed how much of a nuisance the eagles were. So they combined them.

Now the town has Griffins.

Why would somebody make Griffins and threaten the town with something far more deadly and dangerous than they've ever faced? 

I don't know. But that's what The Science is up to these days:

  • "Researchers added Omicron's spike protein to the original Wuhan Covid strain"
  • "Omicron's spike is highly mutated which made it the most infectious variant ever"
  • "Eight in 10 mice infected with the lab-created strain died at Boston University lab"

I wonder why The Science would do something like that to us? I thought The Science was supposed to be helping us beat the virus? Maybe we just didn't trust it hard enough. Or maybe the entire pandemic was a scam. 

Or maybe we should be asking a better question: Who benefits?

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