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I just finished watching the sequel to the annual Halloween tradition Hocus Pocus. The movie was fine. The Sanderson Sisters were just as fun as they used to be.

Here is what stood out the most to me about the movie.

The Movie Tells the Truth about Children's Souls Being Used to Make Pharmaceuticals and Beauty Products

The three sisters travel to a product placement pharmacy to find lotions and other beauty supplies. They do this on the advice of the two main girls of the movie. The Sanderson's don't need to find children and murder them to make their potions; nowadays, the potions are already available at stores. The souls of the children are already included inside. 

As dark as it is, there is some truth to that. 

Aborted fetus cells have been used to make all kinds of products, from vaccines to skin creams. Aborted fetal tissue being used to prolong one's life (vaccines) or restore one's beauty (rejuvenating lotions) is no different than sacrificing a child to cast a spell for the same effects. 

There is little difference between pharmaceuticals and witchcraft, as pharmaceuticals get their name from the Greek word for "sorcery." In the pagan religions of old, animal sacrifices were performed to get blessings or to achieve some kind of effect. When the desired outcome was serious enough, something even more precious had to be sacrificed, often one's own child. Pharmaceutical companies test their products on animals, sacrificing them as they test the potency of their products. The really powerful magics, such as vaccines, often require human sacrifice to achieve - done so through aborted children. 

It's starting to seem like modern pharmaceuticals aren't just etymologically related to sorcery - they are related to sorcery in practice, as well.

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