Robert Tamayo


Plans After Balloon Ghost

After Balloon Ghost, I'm between making a penguin point-and-click game or making a sequel to my first game, Bad Blaster.

I'm leaning toward making Bad Blaster 2, at the moment. I would use a more detailed flat design style, similar to Robot Ops but not intending to be super simple. This would free up a ton of development time for making awesome levels and platforming sequences.

The stuff I'm building for Balloon Ghost is great, but I want to put it in a platformer that lets the player run through the level as fast as they can. I can even add things like wall jumping, rope swinging, and ledge climbing, all of which are not practical for Balloon Ghost.

In the end, I'm just going to keep making games. The simpler they are, the faster I can make them. But sometimes a bigger game is more worth it. Bad Blaster 2 would be a proper sequel, greatly expanding the first game's concepts and surpassing even Robot Ops in scope.

So I'll see how I feel after Balloon Ghost.

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