Robert Tamayo



While striving for excellence, it's important to not get caught up in the seriousness of the pursuit. Creativity comes from playfulness. The best and most creative solutions come from a place of playful experimentation.

Seriousness can be helpful when a lot is at stake and the decision has already been made about what to do. But when treading new ground, it's best to be only serious enough to stay focused on the goal. Other than that basic level of seriousness, be playful.

Playfulness comes naturally when doing something naturally playful, such as making a videogame. But when doing something else that doesn't seem like play, playfulness can be introduced by actual play -- fidget spinners, bouncy balls, and other such diversions. I came up with the idea for Revolve Ping Pong while bouncing a bouncy ball off of walls at an old job during long, dull walks.

Adding a little playfulness to everyday activities can make them more enjoyable and lead to creative solutions.

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