Robert Tamayo


Pokemon Quest as Source of Inspiration for Art Style

I like the 3D blocky and pixelated look of Pokemon Quest. 

I don't have much experience with the game, only having played a demo because the art style appealed to me and it was free. I might have continued had the gameplay allowed for direct control of the Pokemon during combat instead of the casual suggestion-based battles.

But the gameplay is not important to me here. I'm merely commenting on its art style, which was unique, strange, and stylized. The "prototype" phase of making my new game is going to follow this style closely, taking advantage of the simplicity in the designs to create many varied character models and settings without focusing too much on the details.

The key to making it all work is consistency. Once I develop a good sense of the style through practice, I should be able to find clever shading techniques and color schemes that make the style feel charming. Until then, anything I post can and will be used against me.
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