Robert Tamayo


Quality of Life Improvements for Balloon Ghost

I'm working on the more "boring" task in game development: the menus. I enjoy the gameplay more, but getting the menu to work smoothly is very important.

I'm making a few Quality of Life improvements in the menu system over what I used in Robot Ops.

First, I'm adding pagination. There are 30 levels, and each page will have 6 levels. That should make the game feel larger, just by making it seem like it's too big to fit on one screen.

Second, I'm changing the behavior of the level buttons so that clicking on them will now start the level right away. Before, I used a system where you had to select the level and then click on "Next" to select it or "Go!" to start the level. I'm hoping that this will be faster and easier to use.

Finally, I'm going to add the ability to go directly to the next level upon completing the current level. Instead of going all the way back to the menu, players will now be able to choose to continue onward to the next level without leaving the game screen.

These changes are coming after I recently decided the prototyping was mostly finished. I'm excited for finishing this game up, and I'm more concerned about finishing it earlier than Halloween season than I am about finishing it after. I don't want to be sitting on it for a while before releasing it, so it might just come out as soon as it's done, even if it's before Halloween season.

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