Robert Tamayo


Quick Wins

After finishing reading volume 1 of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, I knew I needed some "quick wins" to get me enthused about reading again. After setting aside countless other books to read through one bigger book, I was only 1/6 of the way complete. There are still 5 volumes left to read, and the next one is longer than the first one.

This is where "quick wins" comes into play.

After doing a long project, it's important to do something much shorter to rebuild momentum. So, after reading a long book, I'll read a couple shorter ones that I've been putting off in order rebuild momentum.

The same goes for Balloon Ghost. I was just finishing up a long project with Robot Ops, and I was starting another long project with Bumble Knight. I decided I needed a "quick win" to rebuild my momentum for making games. It took a year to finish Robot Ops, and Bumble Knight would have probably taken longer. Instead of 2 back-to-back long projects, I wanted to do something shorter and simpler and release it quickly. The solution was Balloon Ghost, a game that I've actually wanted to make for quite some time.

Quick wins also work when you are losing. If you are facing some losses in the gym or life in general, it's important to have a quick win that requires little effort in order to start the process of winning over again. The game never ends, and the levels just keep getting harder and harder. That's why it's important to manage morale and take small victories whenever possible.

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