Robert Tamayo


Reacher vs Reacher

I recently wrote about the need to make screen adaptations of beloved characters true to their origins. With Amazon about to release the textbook counterexample with its Lord of the Rings catastrophe, I'd like to point out another case where Amazon actually treated a character well: Jack Reacher.

Amazon's Jack Reacher was much closer to the original in Lee Child's books. Reacher is 6'5", 250 lbs. His size makes a notable difference in how others treat him. It also adds some realism to how he is able to fight off groups of men at once.

Compared to Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher, Amazon's Reacher is the king. Nothing against Tom Cruise - he's a star. But the reality is that Amazon's Jack Reacher has been sitting on their Top 10 for 6 months - people love it. 

Most people weren't familiar with the giant Reacher from the books, so there's no reason why the Amazon character would be so beloved for his size. I think it just proves that there is some kind of magic behind the characters as they were originally created. There's a reason Reacher was successful for Lee Child; that same reason is why the Amazon show was so well received.
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