Robert Tamayo


Returning to Monkey Island

This year's best April Fools joke finally had its punchline come true this week. I am indeed returning to Monkey Island at this very moment. I'm not there yet - still on the first chapter - but the journey has begun.

I can safely say that A Ron Gilbert Monkey Island Game was not on my 2022 Bingo, but it's a surprise of genuine warm welcome to my year.

I'm also more than pleased that it has returned so quickly after its unanticipated announcement. This is a game that no one expected to see, hence its unveiling as a jest by April's opening act. The sheer incredulity of the game's very existence makes every second of playtime all the more enjoyable.

I have no review yet, but I will say this: I love everything about the game so far. I'm not critical of the art style in the slightest, and I find it almost aspirational; it's impossible to find fault in another's splinter when I'm unable to see past my own log.

I've updated the game's text options to Moby Dick, and I've earned a Ph.D. in Ship Anchors during the course of casual gameplay.

I'm sincerely looking forward to the rest of this game, and I'm genuinely entertained by every moment so far. One of the best point-and-click adventure game series has returned. And, maybe- just hopefully, please - the answer to one of life's greatest questions awaits its answering with it: just what IS the Secret of Monkey Island???
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