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Revolve Ping Pong

Introducing Revolve Ping Pong. I released this game 2 years ago. Featuring music from Exist in Sound. It's a free game; no in-app purchases or ads. Available on Android and iOS.

Revolve Ping Pong

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In this game, you play ping pong, but against yourself. You control both paddles. Survive as long as you can while enjoying some sweet trance music and retro visuals. 

The game features 2 modes: Solo and Enemies. In Solo, the ball gets faster and faster while you try to keep it in bounds using the paddles. In Enemies, enemies attack you and you use the paddles to guide the ball to fight back. In Enemies mode, you gain awesome powerups that assist in your fight against the Star Squids.


There are both local and global leaderboards. Your personal best scores are saved for you to see, and the Global Top 10 scores for both game modes are saved for the world to see. Show off your skills by making it to the top!

The current World Record for Solo mode is 134 by "tomayos stud". The World Record for Enemies mode is 108 by "hi bye". Can you beat the World Records?
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