Robert Tamayo



Yesterday I wrote about playfulness and its usefulness in coming up with creative solutions. There's another important ingredient to creativity: risk.

Risk is necessary. A life without enough risk is dull, repetitive, and dull. Creativity is often a result of necessity. Adding risk to a situation can necessitate creative solutions for mere survival.

We're going to see the new James Bond movie tonight. James Bond is a popular character because of the risks he takes. If he stayed inside his living room and never risked anything, no one would know of him.

Don't take unnecessary risks that put your life or finances in danger. Just take a few small risks. It will spark creativity.

The man who lives in fear does not take any risks, and never puts himself in danger. But it's the people taking the risks that have something to fear. How absurd that the man living in fear is afraid when he never puts himself in any danger!

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