Robert Tamayo


Robot Ops Character Showcase: Robo

Robo is one of 4 playable characters in my upcoming game Robot Ops.

  • He is a ranged attacker with 6 different weapons
  • His dash attack enables him to cross large distances or rebound off of enemies

Here are his weapons in action!

Star Shot

  • Hitting an enemy once locks the weapon onto the enemy and powers it up
  • Dashing into an enemy powers it up even further and makes the shots kill even faster

Lightning Orb

  • Shocks enemies dealing damage over time
  • Locks onto up to 5 enemies at once
  • Great for clearing out crowds

Snow Blast

  • Every snowflake is unique
  • Freezes enemies in place
  • Deals splash damage to nearby enemies
  • Kill frozen enemies instantly by dashing into them

Meteor Wreck

  • Shoots fireballs
  • If close to enemies, summons fireballs from sky
  • Great for hitting out-of-reach enemies

Bubble Storm

  • Room-clearing storm of bubbles
  • Capable of massive destruction

Solar Razer

  • Charges up, then BOOM
  • Clears away anything in its path

Robot Ops is a game I'm currently working on and will be releasing in Fall 2021.

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