Robert Tamayo


Robot Ops Preview: Game Modes

There are 4 different "ops" in Robot Ops. With 16 different levels and 3 ops each, that's 48 stars to collect per character, for a total of 192 altogether. Here are the various non-boss ops in the game:


Classic the simplest mode. In Classic, you have to find and raise the Flag found in each level within a time limit. The enemies won't respawn, and the time limit is usually shorter than the other modes. Classic ops are designed to get you acquainted with the level before completing the more difficult ops.


Gather has you running and jumping all around the level, searching every corner of the map to collect the Tokens. The music and color theme is usually more calm and invites exploration. The time limit is still present, but you have more time to work with compared to the other modes. However, the enemies respawn in Gather, so watch out! Each time you collect a Token, you get an additional 5 seconds back on the clock.


Hunt turns the tables on the enemies and tasks you with destroying every enemy on the map. The time limit is usually somewhere between Classic and Gather, and defeating an enemy adds 3 seconds to the timer. The music and colors are usually more intense, and the enemies are also somewhat stronger compared to the other modes.


Rescue the 3 lost puppies on the map in this mode. Each puppy you find starts to follow you around the level. Once you find all 3 puppies, return them to their worried Mama Dog. The time limit is similar to Gather, but you don't have the benefit of gaining time on finding Tokens as in that mode. The enemies also respawn, so this op can get a little tricky. 

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