Robert Tamayo


Rolling Up Your Sleeves

"Rolling up your sleeves" means things are about to get serious. Some work needs to be done. Anything can substitute this, and in my recent experience it was "taking off my jacket."

I had a moment during the Escape Room I did recently when things were falling apart. Our team had less than 30 minutes left, and we were completely stuck on a particular puzzle. It wasn't because we didn't know how to solve it - it was because we couldn't figure out how to work a directional lock. 

After spending literally 10 minutes on it, I decided something needed to change. I took off my jacket to signify that things were about to get serious. And I solved it right away.

Programmers have "headphones mode" - which is similar. It means "don't interrupt me - I'm working."

Headphones mode is more of a default state, though. It would be better to have something that one could physically do to change things. A "rolling up your sleeves" moment.

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