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Seagulls Unabridged

AI prompt widges have been on an ascension track lately, and this trend has started to show its fruits in the appearance of many spinoffs, copycats, and clones. One I discovered today is a simple writing level evaluator; its inclusion in this post is merited by its novelty of mapping the writing level to IQ.

Being the curious and inquisitive soul I am, I thought it would be an effortless source of amusement to submit a sample of my writing from this blog to the estimation of the algorithm; the result was as entertaining as anticpated.

I submitted a sample of my post on a seagull eating my sandwich. Based on the last 2 paragraphs of that post, my IQ was estimated to be 97. I was able to significantly increase the IQ estimation by writing in a more unrestricted style, absolving myself of the responsibility to omit turgid prose for the sake of readability and instead embracing the ostentious display of language for the sake of nothing more than my mere amusement and pleasure.

I present below the "unabridged" final paragraph of my post on a seagull eating my sandwich.

"The wisdom I gained that day was the knowledge that the apparently affable fowls known as Seagulls are nothing short of a novel iteration of Viking plague on our lands. Their avarice shuns all bounds of virtuous decency; they are uncivilized, rapacious gluttons driven only by their compulsion to consume. They know neither peace nor wisdom, and they will heed no counsel. Maintain an alert and vigilant eye to the sea when you dine on its amiable shores, for these aerial savages of seemingly innocent plummage do not partake of the sagacious order of reason and rationality; if you slacken your guard for but one fleeting moment of harmless fancy, your lunch may become forfeit."

The original post was written for fun. The updated version was also written for fun. Writing for an audience requires writing at the reading level of the audience. In this exercise, I learned that it's sometimes worth it to endulge in eloquence, even if just for fun.
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