Robert Tamayo


Second Post on Tears of the Kingdom

Yes, I'm posting about this game again for the second time in a week. This time, I have some predictions about when we will get any meaningful previews of the gameplay and storyline.

We have very little to information regarding gameplay, story, setting, or anything so far. The most we know for certain is that it takes place in the same place and stars the same character as the previous game.

So when will we get any good information? There was a trailer for Breath of the Wild that was released 2 months before the game came out. It featured a ton of content and scenes from the game. It essentially featured every environment, enemy, boss fight, and cut scene in one 2 minute trailer.

I imagine we'll get the "real" information about Tears of the Kingdom around that time - about 2 months before May 12, 2023. Until then, expect more trickling, if anything.
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