Robert Tamayo


Second to Last Day

Today I read Henry VIII, Venus and Adonis, and Lucrece.

I've been over the "king" plays since King John, and so while I thought Henry VIII was not the worst of Shakespeare's Histories, I didn't enjoy it too much.

Venus and Adonis is probably my favorite of the day. It was a pleasurable read for its beautiful language. The poem is a mixture of mythology, a Looney Toons love story, a tragedy, and a romance novel. I would read it again.

Lucrece, on the other hand, was an entirely different matter. It's almost a psychological thriller. It spends its first half on a psychology study of the  mind of a depraved criminal, while the second half is left to show the reader the deep extent to which the victim is traumatized by the horrid act. I highly recommend it, but it's not light reading.

I only have the sonnets and some shorter poems left to read. Then I'm done.
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