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Shakespeare Challenge Day 2

Over at Might and Myth, I wrote about a challenge to read all of Shakespeare in the month of September. I'm two days into that challenge, and it's been interesting so far.

The book I'm reading is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, which is about 1200 pages long, with each page containing about 750-800 words. To finish the book in a month, I'll need to read 40 pages a day. For perspective, that's about one complete play per day, plus about a third of another play. 

Yesterday, day 1, I began at Act 1, Scene 1 of King Henry VI Part 1. Today, day 2, began from King Henry VI Part 2, Act 2, Scene 2. Tomorrow, day 3, will begin on King Henry VI Part 3, Act 3, Scene 3. The numbers are really convenient right now.

I won't comment too much about the writing now because I'm so busy. But, I will say that King Henry VI Part 1 had a lot more action than I thought. It also had Joan of Arc, something I was not expecting; although, this Joan of Arc was propagandized to be a witch of some sort. King Henry VI Part 2 started off at a dull pace, but after the second Act it was exciting once more. I'm not yet finished with Part 3, but it's pretty interesting so far, maybe the most interesting.

Anyways, my success in this challenge will depend entirely on my will to read. Past generations would never have even called something like this a "challenge," but our generation has had TV- and Phone-induced brain damage inflicted on them. I can feel my mind healing, in a way, as once I finished my 40 pages for today, I was craving more.
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