Robert Tamayo


Skull Fiesta Will Have to Wait

I'm pushing back the completion of Skull Fiesta until after I finish with Robot Ops. I'm making too much progress on Robot Ops to justify leaving it alone for a while. I wrote about the importance of momentum recently, and right now the momentum is strong with Robot Ops. I also wrote about focus yesterday, and how choosing what not to do is just as important as focusing on things you want to do. For all of these reasons, I'm going to keep my focus on Robot Ops and finish that game first while I have the momentum for it.

As far as Robot Ops development is going, I've made a ton of progress this weekend. In the past week or two, I've added 5 brand new enemy abilities and 1 new playable character with 6 different abilities. This game is going to have a lot of abilities. I've also added a new enemy type, and I'm working on two more.

With all of the progress I've made these past few weeks, I'm completely confident that the game is finally nearing its release. I've been working on this game all year long, so it will be very gratifying to finally release it and see my vision come to life. I can't take time away from it to focus on something else, so Skull Fiesta will have to wait.
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