Robert Tamayo


Skull Fiesta will Live On

In 2015, I released a game called Skull Fiesta on the Google Play store. I left the game in a closed Beta status since then. Eventually, it was taken down. It's a very simple mobile game, and by "mobile game" I mean a small, pickup-and-play minigame of sorts.

Skull Fiesta in 2015

Remaster Plans

I'm going to remaster Skull Fiesta with the Fossil Canyon art from my other game Robot Ops. I'm also going to change the look of the skulls using the 2D Flat Art framework I created. The game will still feature all 3 game modes. I will move the achievements and high score tracking away from Google Play's game services and onto my own platform, just as I did for Revolve Ping Pong.

I still have the original code for Skull Fiesta; I only need to repurpose new code I already have for the assets. Because I don't think this will take much time to finish, I plan to release this in October as a Halloween-themed release.
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