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Software Development vs Web Development: Part 1

Software Development is typically a higher paid position than an equivalent Web Development role. Having worked in both for the entire time I've been coding, I have a lot of knowledge of their similarities and differences. I'll keep these posts very short.

Point #1: Web Development is Easier to Show Off to People

If you're at a party and meeting new people, then you probably aren't a software developer. But let's say someone at that party asks you what you do. You then try to explain how you build toolsets and apis using certain frameworks/languages, etc. You can't go into detail about the databases query optimizations you just made, the refactored data structures, and the recursive aggregation function that made the REST api 2x faster than before. That just sounds ridiculous to party people.

I don't like it when biologists or chemists use what amounts to jargon to the average person when talking about what they do for a living, so why would a normal person enjoy listening to you desperately try to explain what you do as accurately as possible using terminology they've never heard of?

That's where web development wins. In web development, if someone asks what you do, you can show them. You pull up the coolest or newest website you built or worked on, and say "I did that." 

Web development wins over Software Development in terms of demonstrating your value to others.

Next time I'll explore the opposite side of this coin: does Software Development provide more value overall, though?
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