Robert Tamayo


Some Harsh Lessons I Have Learned

Shut Up and Do the Work

Don't complain about having to do something. If you are going to do it anyway, just get it over with. Complaining about it only makes other people uncomfortable and less likely to appreciate your effort.

Make the People You Work With More Useful, Not Less

Don't do something to a person in your life that will make them less likely to help you. Don't blame them, shame them, or otherwise make yourself a pain to work with. Don't make their job more difficult. Keep them ready and able to help you should you need it.

If You Held Your Tongue, Hold Your Tongue

If you walk away from someone after they bothered you for any reason, don't ever come back to them and bring it up again. It's gone. It's done. Whatever it was that bothered you, it's not in your life any longer. Speak up at the time, or never speak up at all.

Define Your Winning Scenario Before Engaging

Before engaging in an argument or battle against something, clearly define your winning scenario. Ask what is lost even in victory. If winning means "dying on a hill," that's not winning.

Making Sure People Know How You Feel is Not a Victory

Like complaining, making someone know that you were hurt, scared, or whatever by their actions or words is not winning. Your winning scenario doesn't end at letting them know how you feel. Don't tell someone what you're feeling unless it serves a purpose in reaching your actual goal.

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