Robert Tamayo


Some Ideas for My New Game

As I've said before, I'm a fan of punk game design. Right now, that means I just have to make the game fast. I have to use power chords in the meantime, and let the melody fill in the key.

Since this game is in the very first stages of developments, I only have rough ideas of gameplay, setting, and story. All of the following are subject to change.

The Bumble Knight

Bumble Knight is a Bee who finds a suit of armor that turns him into Bumble Knight. He carries a honey comb shield and a stinger lance. He can double jump, dash attack, and glide, making his movement options varied. He can also attack with his lance.

The Setting

The game takes place in The Land of Milk and Honey, where Bees and Cows live peacefully. The broader world contains other areas populated by other animals, all of which will come freely to the Land of Milk and Honey for nourishment. As opposed to my previous games, this game is more of a fantasy setting and doesn't contain any robots or sci fi elements. The colors will be bright and happy. The tone will be kind and whimsical.

The Gameplay

The game is best described as Action Platformer. I'm imagining level design very similar to Super Mario 3D Land & World, taking 2D platforming concepts and moving them into three dimensions. I've also considered Sack Boy's Big Adventure as a source of inspiration. I also want a lot of combat. So instead of just platforming, I want the player to enjoy fighting lots of enemies. Maybe Beat-em-Up Action Platformer is close to what I have in mind. I'm not decided yet as to whether combat will be Hack-n-Slash style or Patterned. I really like how some First Person Shooters have handled this middle ground, so I'll try to incorporate that as best as I can by focusing on combat situations and positioning as the important aspect of combat that would otherwise be simple. In the end, I just want it to be simple, and I haven't fully thought out combat yet.

An example I can think of is using the shield to block a charging Boar that is wearing a helmet; the helmet sticks to the shield, and the enemy becomes vulnerable to attack. Same goes for ball-and-chain weapons, etc.

The Enemies

The main enemies of the game are the Bears, who have taken all the honey and kidnapped all the cows. Bumble Knight is on a journey to rescue them all. The Bears have recruited the help of many other animals, including Boars, Fireflies, Seagulls, and Porcupines. Some of these animals wield armor and weaponry like Bumble Knight, especially the bears.

The Music

In keeping with the Hexagonal theme of Bees, I'm going to try to write the music entirely in 6/8. I'll see how well it fits in actual gameplay, though. I also want to use more natural sounds and fewer electronic sounds. I'm considering using chord progressions similar to Philip Glass' Piano Concerto No 3, since they have a very fantastical and whimsical feel to them. I also like Grant Kirkhope's music, so that should be an inspiration as well. Since it's still early, I'll have to see how all of this fits into actual gameplay once I get my first level up and running.

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