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Spanish Mondays: Un Poco Mas que Nada

Un Poco Mas Que Nada

Esta semana, hable un poco mas que hable la semana antes. Pero, eso no significa que hable mucho. Todavia no estoy hablando espanol cada dia.

Una cosa interesante paso esta ultima semana. Mi esposa descubio mi blog. Al leer que queria hablar espanol con ella, empezo a hablar espanol conmigo. Creo que con la ayuda de ella, voy a tener exito esta vez.

Aunque lei cada dia, no lei mucho. La semana pasada, estaba trabajando cada dia por muchas horas en mi videojuego, y perdi tiempo para estudiar espanol. Esta noche, no voy a trabajar en mi videojuego. En vez de trabajar, voy a leer un libro en espanol. Tengo que devolver el libro en unos tres dias. Tengo que darme prisa!

A Little More Than Nothing

This week, I spoke a little more Spanish than the week before. But, that doesn't mean that I spoke much. I'm still not speaking Spanish every day.

One interesting thing happened this last week. My wife discovered my blog. On reading that I wanted to speak Spanish with her, she started to speak Spanish with me. I believe that with her help, I'll be successful this time.

Even though I read every day, I didn't read much. This past week, I was working every day for many hours on my video game, and I lost time for studying Spanish. Tonight, I'm not going to work on my game. Instead of working, I'm going to read a book in Spanish. I have to return the book in about 3 days. I better hurry!

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