Robert Tamayo


Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Election Day

Sounds like a Rob Zombie song.

What do I think will happen?

Well, I do think there will be a "red wave", so to speak. Basically, I predict more red swings than blue swings. That's all.


Things are just too bad right now for there to be much confidence in the status quo. Considering how badly his administration is failing on virtually every front, Biden seems like either a planned fail, controlled demolition, or a grossly-miscalculated Ace in the Hole considering his association with Obama, who was actually popular and well-liked by real people.

Poor performance at the time of election day is enough to get people pissed and voting against him. It would have helped had gas prices come back to Trump-era levels. As it stands now, we millennials are on the verge of facing yet another global financial crisis only 15 years after the first.

It's not looking good for them. But we'll see how things turn out tomorrow...or in two weeks, when the "word's greatest country" is finally able to finish "counting" the votes.
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