Robert Tamayo


Survival when Unmotivated

When I'm not feeling motivated, that's when it's really important to get something done. Doing the bare minimum keeps my momentum alive. Even if it doesn't boost my morale, it at least keeps it from falling. Feeling unmotivated can lead to loss of morale, so that's why it's important to keep going.

Practical examples of this:

  1. When I don't feel motivated to work on my game, I make sure to commit something. It doesn't matter what I did. It's only important that I did it. Today, I updated a constant and threw a simple level together.
  2. When I don't feel motivated to workout, I do a deload day. I reduce the weights on my lifts, and I cut out the last few exercises if I still don't up to it.
  3. When I don't want to read a particular book (like in Spanish or something), I will read a paragraph, or at least 1 page. It keeps the habit alive, even if I'm not making much real progress.
  4. When I don't feel like writing a post, I write something. Today is an example. Even though I have a few posts planned, I didn't feel like writing them. But I'm not writing a throwaway post - this is my actual advice based on what I'm going through at this exact moment. I'm not feeling motivated, and so I'm doing something.

I don't know how this happens, but the weather can actually have a lot to do with it. When it's hot and muggy, I can't seem to get comfortable in my chair. Perhaps simply investing in a newer, stronger fan will solve that problem. It's something to look into.

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