Robert Tamayo


The Backlog is Real

I have a really large backlog of things to do. I'm keeping everything focused for now and sticking with making Robot Ops and Spanish, but there are things I've added to my list that will take me a lot of time to finish. The more focused you can be, the better, and that's why I'm trying really hard to keep myself on task.

After finishing up Robot Ops, I'm planning on taking a 3 month hiatus from making video games to catch up on some reading I've been missing. There are so many books I have that I've been unable to start while I'm spending all of my free time working on Robot Ops. Since I've started blogging every day, I've been reawakening my old desires to write a novel. After Robot Ops, I may end up writing some stories before beginning the next game. Writing is something I've enjoyed doing these past few months, and it would be nice to have a larger purpose for my writing by doing something in a longer form than a blog post.

I believe that programmers who enjoy writing code are actually writers at heart. We just don't write in English. So, I may eventually change my focus for a few months while I embark on a new writing journey. My first project might be a little different than a novel, though -- I've been considering making a children's comic book as an introduction to the characters in my next game. If that goes well, everything may end up being connected, after all.

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