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The Best Part About 3 Day Weekends

Whenever a 3 day weekend rolls around, I see it one way: time for me to get more work done.

I always have some kind of project I'm working on. An extra day off work means an extra day to work on my project. Robot Ops is almost finished, and I'm going to release it this Fall. Every extra day off means a free 8 hours of time to work on my game.

I don't consider myself a workaholic. I do, however, get very obsessive about whatever I'm working on. I obsess over my projects because I care about them.

I can't deny, though, that I'm looking forward to being finished with both Robot Ops and Skull Fiesta. Once I'm done with those games, I can start on the next project. The next project is a huge motivating factor for working on these current games and finishing them.

Productivity Report for this Weekend

This weekend has been very productive. I added another ability to the 3rd character in Robot Ops. I have 1 more ability to go until he's finished. For whatever reason, this current character I'm working on has been the hardest to come up with ideas for. But I've been pushing through, using the momentum of this 3 day weekend to get extra work done.

After I'm done with him, I start working on the 4th character...from scratch. I have some ideas for her, but I haven't playtested any of them, yet. I have a feeling it will be far easier to design for her than it was for the 3rd character. 

Most of the other things in the game are also coming to completion. I've already made all the levels, I've done the artwork for all but one of the environments, and I've written all of the music. I have a handful of bugs to fix, and I have some other gameplay elements to tweak. But overall, the game is 70% complete or more. I could almost release it today if it were only going to have 2 characters

Anyways, back to work for me. Time to get lost in game development again...
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