Robert Tamayo


The Classic Stars Screensaver

One of my favorite screensavers was the classic starfield that would fly toward the screen and disappear off the edges. It was as though you were flying through space and watching the stars pass by.

I liked the screensaver so much I made a game about it. Not really - I made a game about something else. But I was inspired by the screensaver to include something like it in my game Revolve Ping Pong.

The game itself is almost screensaver-like, as are all mobile games. Traditional mobile games are really just screensavers for ourselves, giving us something to do idly while we camp out overnight for a PS5 or something. This game was intended to mimic the feeling of playing tennis with yourself, and it was directly inspired by the fun I had bouncing bouncy balls off of walls in the office.

It's available for free on Google Play here. It's a game worth getting for the music alone, as it features a soundtrack made by Exist in Sound.
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