Robert Tamayo


The Desire to Heal

After getting sick, I lost some of my strength and endurance in the gym. It usually takes about a week or two of working out to be completely back to 100%. In the meantime, my workouts have been weaker and not as intense as they used to be.

In addition to feeling weaker in the gym, I've felt weaker in general. This is usually best described as a feeling of tiredness, but when it was worse I would describe it as though all vitamins and nutrients had been removed from my body.

The point of this is to say that healing is a choice. It's my choice to say I'm done. I'm no longer actually sick; what I'm feeling now is just the lingering effects of recovery.

So it's my move. I choose to get stronger and to feel better. If I don't, then I'll be sick forever.

That's what happens to everyone who chooses to wallow in their misery. People who are no longer being hurt by something or someone will choose to live as though they continue to be oppressed. Such people will forever be captives to those who have wronged them, and they will always be sick from whatever last ailed them.

That's why I'm choosing to heal. I'm going to not only recover my full strength in the gym - I'm going to surpass my previous records. I'm going to work harder on my personal projects, which include making games and learning Latin.

I'm putting the sickness behind me. The fever is gone, and all that remains is my drive for success and bettering myself.

The flu knocked me down, but I'll only get back up 2 inches taller than I was before.

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