Robert Tamayo


The End of JavaScript

A short while ago, I encountered some disgusting syntactic sugar in a JavaScript file, which made me realize that JavaScript had indeed jumped the shark and was on its way out. I'm happy that one of the language's key contributors and early supporters is of a similar opinion:

"The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it. Twenty years ago, I was one of the few advocates for JavaScript. Its cobbling together of nested functions and dynamic objects was brilliant. I spent a decade trying to correct its flaws. I had a minor success with ES5. But since then, there has been strong interest in further bloating the language instead of making it better. So JavaScript, like the other dinosaur languages, has become a barrier to progress. We should be focused on the next language, which should look more like E than like JavaScript."

To see someone as important to the language as Douglas Crockford to come out against the syntactic sugar and feature bloat of JavaScript makes me smile; seeing him come out in support of retiring the language altogether leaves me absolutely beaming

I'm hopeful that the development world will soon be free of JavaScript's consistent and ever more embarrassing "additions" to the language in the coming years.
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