Robert Tamayo


The Grand Canyon

As we came closer to the edge of the Grand Canyon, I saw massive mountains in the background covering the whole horizon. My wife looked at me and said, "those aren't mountains, that's the other side." "It can't be..." I thought to myself.

A dozen steps later, it was clear: what I orginally thought was the outline of a distant and massive mountain range was actually just the top of the other side of the Grand Canyon. 

Walking to the edge, I was honestly astonished when I saw the full canyon for the first time. I can't even say that, though, because you can't see the full canyon at once. It's unbelievably massive. 

Everwhere I looked in front of me was the canyon. It was the Leviathan of canyons. Stretching to the farthest side of the horizon, it disappeared behind a curve and continued, doing the same on the other side.

I found out later that it was 18 miles across, and 200 miles long. The Grand Canyon is absolutely huge. I knew from the pictures I had seen that it could only be appreciated in person, but I was not prepared for what I actually saw.
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