Robert Tamayo


The Journey Does Not Wait for You to be Ready

In The Hobbit, Bilbo was not ready for an adventure. Gandalf came to him and said there was an adventure; he was needed the next day. Bilbo liked his quiet life in the Shire, and he was neither prepared for nor desiring a long journey across Middle Earth. But nevertheless, when the next morning came, he joined the group of dwarves and embarked on the journey. A generation later, a similar event would happen to Frodo, who would be called off an even larger adventure.

What happened to Bilbo and Frodo is a lesson for us. When the journey calls, we are not expected to be "ready", because we can never be ready for the journey. You can't bring much with you on a journey; you can't bring a dresser full of clothes, your reading chair, or your refrigerator. When you are called to adventure, you must realize that adventurers travel light for a reason and adapt their practice; the very notion of adventure implies moving around, and you can't move around while at home surrounded by everything you own.

The best you can do to prepare for an adventure is become physically fit. Aside from that, there isn't much you can do to prepare and be ready for the journey, so stop worrying about it. When adventure calls, go with it.
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