Robert Tamayo


The Next Great Era

I'm a self-taught programmer. While working full time, I got a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. I never learned much in the course of obtaining the degree, but I learned more than I give it credit for. I certainly never would have studied Project Management otherwise.

On my bookshelf, there are about two dozen books in the programming and computer science field. I've read all of them at least 25% - for books on languages and specific frameworks, that's about all one needs before diving in and learning the rest as one goes.

This past year, I've been extra focused on literature, history, and language. And I will always remain interested in those topics, because I see them as vitally important to my work in programming and computers.

However, it is time for me to start getting serious about things.


2023 will be a year of intense focus on the futuristic and technological. I'll be studying everything I possibly can that will help me in my development as a programmer. If there's a subject related to computers that I feel I'm lacking in, I'll study it. I'm going to learning about compilers, operating systems, algorithms, graphics, and more. And I mean I'll be learning how to make a compiler, how to build an operating system from scratch, how to code a physics engine from scratch, etc. I won't actually be doing these things or building them to completion, but I want to understand how they work. Over time, I'll develop interests in one of them more than the others, and I'll focus on that one even more.

I'll still be reading the classics and learning languages, but they will be supplemented by science fiction and studies in linguistics.

Basically, I'm considering that my 10 Years of Coding are coming up soon, and although I'm fully confident in my abilities, I'm also very aware of the things I don't know about at all. So I'm not thinking about what I want to learn by next year - I'm thinking about where I want to be at my 20 Years of Programming. 

Will I be the legendary figure braving the stormy seas when no one else will, or will I be merrily rowing my boat gently down the stream? 

I know which one I want to be. 

It's time to get serious.

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