Robert Tamayo


The Next Learning Project and Game

I found some old notes of mine regarding a character design for a quick 3D or 2.5D adventure game. The idea for the character was to make him simple enough to create animations and models for, cute enough to feel emotion for him, and provide a theme for overall game. I think it might be the perfect project for me as I learn to make 3D games with Unreal and C++.

I have some of the basics down, and I have some ideas for gameplay and mechanics. But overall, the game is going to be a simple action platformer in three dimensions instead of two. Making the change from 2D to 3D requires me to work with the fewest new elements possible, and so I want to keep this game simple. I also don't know what to expect out of Unreal, as I haven't done anything in it before. 

I'm guessing I'll be using this project as a learning experience. Everything I learn from it will go toward my next game, which is the "bigger" project I have been talking about recently. But, if I do this mini project just right, it stands to have a lot of charm and quality to it that will make a pleasure to work on.

I'll leave the details a mystery for now, but I'll leave one hint: it involves a rock.
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