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The Real World Resembles Fantasy, Not Sci Fi

As I've shown in my posts on unicorns and basilisks, creatures from mythology and fantasy are oftentimes real. But even with today's scientific advancements, the best NASA can do is come up with excuses for why we have to delay going back to the moon by a few years every time the deadline rolls around.

Fantasy is a fiction genre based on folklore and myth, whereas Science Fiction is a fiction genre based on science and technology. People will say that it's for this reason that Science Fiction is superior; it's based on spaceships and lasers and such that are theoretically possible, whereas the magic and monsters and elves are never going to happen.

This is the problem with saying Science Fiction is better because it's "real"

  • Space ships don't exist

  • We haven't detected alien races

  • We can't travel faster than light, or even anywhere close to it

  • We don't have replicators

  • We haven't torn open a portal in spacetime and traveled to another dimension

Maybe you will disagree by saying that we haven't yet done those things above; they are still possible according to science, but traveling though a wardrobe into a realm of fairies and talking animals is not.

Sure, I'll concede that the possibility exists for those things. I'm actually hopeful that they do come to fruition. But the trajectory we're on is not looking good. Whether you blame capitalism, communism, nationalism, or globalism, the fact is that the technology we already have is getting worse. Cars don't last as long as they used to; my t-shirts fall apart after a year, and we seem to be running out of the computer chips that are necessary for any of the technological advances we actually do have to even work.

Our world is not a Science Fiction world.

Our world is a Fantasy World

  • Fantasy has mythological creatures -- the real world had unicorns and basilisks, to start

  • Fantasy has magical potions such as "Health Potion", "Stamina Potion", "Strength Potion" -- open up your medicine cabinet and take some cold medicine, brew a cup of coffee, and open up a tub of pre-workout

  • Fantasy has swords and shields -- the real world has those, too, in case you were wondering

  • Fantasy has multiple races --  our own cultures are oftentimes vastly different, speaking various languages, dressing in regionally-appropriate clothes, and carrying entirely different beliefs

  • Fantasy has magic --  we actually do have real-life witches; also, if you need to, you could classify religions in the same category, and even some concepts like "manifestation" can cross over into the magical

Fantasy is a fiction genre full of things that aren't just speculative or purely imaginative; they actually did happen. A lot of them are still happening today. 

Our world is Fantasy World.

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