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The Science is Settled

"The science is settled," right?

Case 1: Alzheimer's Study was Possibly Fabricated

Alzheimer's was thought to be caused by plaque buildup in the brain. Other studies have shown that Lion's Mane mushroom is beneficial and can potentially treat Alzheimer's, but how could that be if Lion's Mane has no way to remove plaque? Well, it turns out that the plaque study may have been completely fabricated.

The science is settled still, though, right?

Case 2: Depression is Not Caused by an Imbalance of Serotonin

The science was once settled on the cause of depression. One was at the mercy of their brain chemistry and helpless in treating depression through natural means! Popping SSRIs was the go-to treatment for depression, and people gobbled them up and changed their brains for possibly no reason at all, as this study points out that there is no link between serotonin and depression.

The science is settled still, though, right?

Science goes where the money tells it to

I hope that those suffering from depression and Alzheimer's will start to find real, natural cures for their ailments. Even if there weren't already good, natural alternatives for either of these diseases, the patients would benefit from not being given the false drugs that had been prescribed to them for decades. 

Overall, this is good news for the patients. The only people upset about this news are the pharmaceutical companies.  Do you realize that their business models rely on SSRIs and Alzheimer's meds and such?

I'm surprised these studies were even published. Science goes where the money tells it to. There is no research without funding, so the people who control the funding can control what gets researched. Maybe the SSRI market needed a remodel or something, and the consensus was that the only way to push for more depression research...leading to a new and improved SSRI replacement, half as safe and twice as ineffective!

The Science is Never Settled

It's important to appreciate and celebrate these little victories. It's important to remind people the Science is Never Settled. The scientific process always continues, and new discoveries are always made which quite literally can undo decades of best practice and scientific belief overnight. That's what happened here. The science was settled one day; the next day it was not. 

If you are wise, you will find something stronger upon which to base your understanding.

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