Robert Tamayo


The Start of a New Game

I'm making a new game now. 

The purpose of this game is to learn Unreal Engine and Blender modeling so that I can make games in 3D. Because this is my first time using Blender and 3D models, I'm going to make a compromise and stick with a low-poly art style. I'm going to make sure things don't look too ridiculously low-poly, but I need to be able to focus on learning the entire workflow in order to understand it. For that reason, I have to keep things as simple as possible.

The time for detailed models will come later. I'm actually hoping that I'll get so much more comfortable with Blender that I will be able to remodel everything in about a few months.

As for the game, I'm actually really excited about it. It features a cute character and setting that is perfect for a simple 3D action platformer. The main character is currently called Bumble Knight. He is a Bee with a suit of armor, a stinger lance, and a honeycomb shield. He will be able to double jump and glide. For attacks, he can perform basic attacks and a spinning dash attack. The setting of the game is in the Land of Milk and Honey. His mount will be a baby cow for certain sections of the game.

I'm happy with the theme I came up with for the game, and because of that, I know I'll have a good time making it.
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