Robert Tamayo


The Start of Autumn

I love the Fall because the weather gets cooler, the skies get darker, and I become filled with creative energy. I've always said that Autumn and Winter are my most productive seasons; the idea for Robot Ops came to me in the Winter, and now I'm going to be publishing the game in the Fall.

I'm officially in the release window for Robot Ops. I have about 90 days to finish the game in its entirety. There's a list of about 30 minor to medium features to add and bugs to fix. I have songs to remaster, maps to clean up, and a UX  to polish. All by the deadline of December 20, 2021. I really do want to finish the game around mid-November, though.

On top of a Robot Ops release, I'm also going to spend a weekend or two remastering Skull Fiesta. The remaster will be released in October, as my Halloween-themed game release. Expect more news on that game soon.

The crows have finished singing their Songs of Autumn which bring about the end of Summer, and now the Fall begins.
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