Robert Tamayo


Thoughts on AI and Coding Pt 4

It's worth pointing out the irony of the current AI frenzy. 

  1. Neuralink is a computer chip implant for humans that interfaces directly with the host's brain, enabling the host to essentially gain the power of a smartphone. The host can browse the Internet by simply thinking, providing essentially limitless access to information without needing an external device. Tech geeks comprise the group most excited about this new technology.
  2. AI chat bots can now write working code based on user prompts, sparking fears among programmers that their jobs might be replaceable by machines.

How strange it is that the group who wants to replace their own mind with a computer is afraid of their jobs being replaced by a computer!

To be serious, though, if you are concerned about losing your job to a computer that can do it better and faster, but are enthusiastic about implanting a chip in your brain so that you can look up information and do calculations better and faster, then you have your concerns backward.

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