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Trucks and Buying the Christmas Tree

My wife and I have bought Christmas trees together every year since we've been married. And every year, I would have such difficulty stuffing it into one of our 4-door sedans that I would swear to buy a truck for the next year's tree. I never did buy a truck for 4 years. But today I finally got to use a truck to buy a Christmas tree. 

Trucks are awesome

I'm a programmer, and although I work out and lift weights, I'm not particularly into handyman work. It's just not a hobby of mine. So why would I want a truck?

It's simple: trucks are essential. If you have a family, or want to have a family, you need a truck. They are immensely useful. I don't even have a particularly large or powerful truck. Still, it can tow small vehicles, trailers, and other stuff. It has a decent payload and a bed that can be used to move around furniture and other large objects. I know I'm just describing Truck 101, but that's the point. All of these things are things that a truck allows you to do on your own. Doing things on your own is one of the most important qualities of a programmer.

Trucks fit the personality of programmers because they give you the power to solve your own problems. I wanted to start a blog, so I built a blogging platform from scratch. I wanted to buy a Christmas tree, so I stuck it in the back of the truck. Soon, we'll be buying a new kitchen table, and I'll have no problem at all bringing it back from the store.

Programmers are used to being tech-savvy and knowing how to solve their computer problems on their own. Trucks allow you solve your real-world problems on your own.

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