Robert Tamayo


Two Maps Left

I'm so close to finishing Robot Ops. During my "level sweep" I've been balancing the map tiles and changing around the enemies. I've gone through every map but two. Once I'm done with these two, then the game is finished.

I'll still have a handful of things to do before I publish the game, though; I have to make minor updates to two of the characters, fix a bug or two in the menus, fix some sound effects, and finalize the final boss battle.

Other than the game elements, there are non-game elements I need to do before publishing. I don't have any of the assets yet for the in-store screenshots and videos. I also need to create the app launch icons and write the copy for the game descriptions.

Finally, there is one other element to publishing the game: promotion. I'm going to collect all of the Robot Ops posts I've made so far that deal with the game content and start spamming them on my Twitter account.

After almost a year of hard work, I'm excited to be wrapping up this project.

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